To Catch a Threat

Taken from real phishing emails, click each indicator within the email and then report each phishing email using the Report Phishing button. Each email has 2-3 indicators displayed. Each correct response receives 5 points, you must score 50 points to win.

Resiliency Quiz

Resilience is an indicator of how well recipients are conditioned to not interact with phishing emails.

Take this quiz to assess your awareness of habits that may make you vulnerable to targeted phishing or malware and learn tips to make you more resilient.

Indicators of a Phish

Investigate the email and answer the prompts. If you score more than 80% you win the game.

Honey Comb Challenge

Test your knowledge by answering questions about cybersecurity and phishing topics. Start at the first cell on the left. Select adjoining cells to move across the board. If you answer incorrectly, you must start over. Once you make it to the right side of the board, you win the game.

Phishing Category Challenge

Test your knowledge by answering questions about passwords, malicious links, spear phishing, malware and social engineering. Collect enough points to win the game.